Wilson Contractor Services, LLC has been providing domestic water services throughout Texas since 1953. We have worked hard to earn our strong reputation by continually providing top quality solutions for both the private and public sectors.
Our team has vast experience providing a wide range of utilities services, including the installation and maintenance of:
• Dry Auger Boring/Microtunneling
• Transmission/Distribution Pipelines and Appurtenances
• Waste Water Force Main Systems
• Gravity Waste Water Systems and Appurtenances
• Waste Water Lift Stations

While much of our portfolio includes completing large-scale public projects for municipalities and metropolitan water district distribution system owners, we also work frequently in the private sector for land developers and general contractors. Regardless of the scale and complexity of your project, we will provide the detailed and focused services necessary to achieve efficient and high quality results.

Why Choose WCS?
Experience –

With decades of experience on our side, our team has faced nearly every type of pipe installation and maintenance issue imaginable. We have vast experience working with multiple pipeline types, valve installations, dry auger boring, along with many other specialties. We are known for carefully implementing techniques that have been proven to be successful in the field.

Family Values –

While Wilson Construction may be a prominent name in wet utilities construction in Texas, at its core, it is still a family owned and operated local business. Just as we work and communicate closely with one another, we also strive to build strong and lasting relationships with the project owner(s), owner representatives, and design engineers.

Project Efficiency –

One of our main goals is to put an end to the idea that contractors always take too long or waste resources. Any of our current or previous clients will tell you that we are extremely detail-oriented, never wasting any time or materials. Each of our projects receives a strategic plan that is adhered to by the letter to ensure that you see results on time and within your budget. By adhering to our own high standards, and maintaining strong lines of communication, we are able to reduce or eliminate foreseeable challenges.

Professionalism and Respect –

On each project, we know that we are not only representing Wilson Contractor Services, but we are representing the businesses, government agencies, general contractors, and private residents who have hired us. We take great pride that you have chosen to involve our company in your project, and will show the utmost respect for you, your organization, your patrons, and your property.

Tell Us about Your Upcoming Project

If you are in need of any waterline or underground utilities installation services in Texas, contact WCS today to learn more about how we can assist you.