Covering All of Your Utility Construction Needs

Wilson Contractor Services makes all of your utility installation and maintenance projects simple and hassle free thanks to our team of skilled and experienced pipe layers, advanced technology and equipment, qualified crew foremen, attentive superintendents, and budget-minded project managers. By collaborating with your administrators and project leaders, we can align our goals and resources in order to produce timely and successful results.

After working with numerous local municipalities, utility providers, and private general contractors throughout Texas for many years now, we have developed the best practices needed to complete your projects on time and within your budget.

We specialize in providing full and comprehensive utility contracting services that include everything from installation to repair to removal of water and sewer lines involving a wide range of materials, equipment, and depths.

Our many utility installation services include, but are not limited to:

Transmission/Distribution Pipelines and Appurtenances

WCS installs domestic water services, including water meter vaults for businesses and public projects, as well as smaller meters for residential properties. We are also experienced in complex valve, flow meter, and pressure reducing valve orientation installations.

Pipeline Installation

Providing reliable, high quality pipeline installation services is our specialty. This includes installing gravity and force main sanitary sewer lines, and storm sewer lines for both private and public projects of every size. Our crew has many years of experience working with multiple pipeline types, including PVC, Ductile Iron Pipe, and Reinforced Cylindrical Concrete Pipe (RCCP). We have installed these pipelines in a wide range of diameters.

Gravity Waste Water Systems

As the name implies, gravity waste water systems utilize the pressure and force of gravity to transfer waste water. Wilson Contractor Service installs, and provides maintenance for, these complex waste water systems using all of the pipeline types listed above, at above average depths as well as manhole/junction structures including Parshall flumes.

Waste Water Force Main Systems

Our team also has experience installing waste water force main systems, which are used to transfer waste water uphill to a gravity flow position or water treatment plant, using pressures and materials similar to water systems. Having contractors with our training and firsthand experience is imperative when properly designing and installing a waste water force main system that will function as needed for many years.

Waste Water Lift Stations and Odor Control Systems

If your project is located in a low-lying area where gravity systems will not be appropriate, it may be necessary to install a  lift station that will pressurize the effluent in order to deliver it to the desired elevated position. WCS has experience installing and repairing these lift stations at a variety of depths.

Dry Auger Boring and Microtunneling

Auger boring was the first specialty provided by Wilson Construction, and we remain one of the leading providers of this service in the entire region. By performing our own auger work, and not needing to subcontract this part of the project, we are able to save our clients valuable time and money. Our crew can provide precise dry auger boring results, and our clients need not worry about finding or scheduling any additional contractors.

One of the many benefits that come with completing our own auger boring over the last 50+ years is that we have become proficient in installing steel casing in large diameters for several hundred feet. For multiple types of dry and wet utility carrier pipelines, our superintendents and crews have become so adept at performing this service that, even at these large distances, we are able to maintain accurate horizontal and vertical alignments.

In addition to boring and tunneling, we also offer turnkey installation services including annular space grouting (carefully grouting the space between the carrier pipe and the steel casing that houses the carrier pipe) as well as electrical duct bank conduit installation and grouting.

Inspection, Maintenance, and Repair of Wet Utility Systems

Wilson Contractor Services enjoys developing long-term relationships with city project managers, general contractors, and other utilities professionals that go well beyond the initial installation of various water systems and pipelines. We have been very successful at building these relationships as utility professionals and project managers in the community have grown to learn that WCS is an excellent resource for any and all ongoing needs regarding water and waste water services and emergency repairs.

In addition to installations, our numerous services also include inspecting, repairing, and replacing structures in order to keep the systems functioning smoothly. Using the latest equipment, and vast field experience, our technicians will inspect your existing pipelines, pumps, meters, and stations to look for any signs of damage or leaks. We will then develop the appropriate repair plan that will quickly and affordably address your unique challenges.

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