Bill J. Wilson founded the Wilson Construction Company in 1953 and the company was placed on record by Articles of Organization as a limited liability company as of June 12, 2001 as Wilson Contractor Services, LLC.

Mission Statement

To provide a full range of valuable and efficient domestic water and utility services to our customers by maintaining the highest standards of quality and focusing on proven techniques and practices while continually incorporating improvements in best practices and technology.

Our Commitment to Safety

When providing pipe installations, and other utilities contractor services, there is no room for error when it comes to quality or safety. At Wilson Contractors, we have found that providing a safe workplace for our employees, and our clients, leads to increased efficiency and reliable long-lasting structures and systems.

By enforcing and following all safety regulations, and adhering to our own additional company-implemented high standards, we are able to ensure that we achieve desired results while protecting the best interests of everyone involved with the project. When safety is a high priority, everybody wins.

Introducing Wilson Contractor Services, LLC.

Wilson Contractor Services has a long and rich history of working as a family to provide high quality utilities contracting services in various Texas communities. Over the many decades that we have been working within this industry, and this market, we have developed cherished and dedicated long-term relationships with project owners based on mutual trust, goal alignment, and constant communication and collaboration.

When working with Wilson Contractor Services, project managers and engineers know to expect:

• Detail-Oriented Organization

Before beginning any project, our first step is to always gain a strong understanding of your unique needs and goals. Our highly experienced contractors will then design a strategic plan that incorporates effective techniques that are specific to your requirements. WCS is proud of upholding its reputation for being well prepared and organized, allowing for our team to work efficiently and avoid errors.

• Equipment and Skills Needed For Any Project

Municipalities, water districts and private general contractors turn to WCS regularly for assistance with projects that require specialized installation techniques. Not only do we have all of the latest equipment necessary to complete the most challenging tasks, our crews also have the training and experience required to specialize in services such as installing various forms of waster water systems, including complex pipeline installation. We have also maintained a longstanding reputation of being a premier dry auger boring company in the area.

• Honorable Representation

We understand that the way that our company conducts itself can affect the public’s opinion of not only our organization, but also our clients. Whether we are completing a public or residential assignment, we make every effort necessary to show respect to our clients and to the public.

• Environmentally Conscious

When performing water system and pipe installation and repair services, Wilson Contractor Services is always very aware of its impact on the environment. Out of respect for our community, and our clients, we always strive to make the ecofriendly choices throughout each and every project.

• Responsible and Insured

As stated, we place a strong emphasis on exceeding the minimal safety regulations and requirements. Wilson Contractor Services, LLC is also a financially stable organization that utilizes a bonding company with A.M. Best Company’s highest rating. Additionally, we have General Liability, Auto, and Worker’s Comp insurance limits that exceed industry standards.

Our Team

Wilson Contractor Services, LLC remains proudly owned and operated by the Wilson family, with Weldon Wilson leading as President of the Company.

Tony Martinez – Vice President of Wilson Contractor Services, LLC

Weldon’s mother, Pat Wilson, is the Corporate Secretary and Treasurer.

Wade Moore, Project Estimator and Administrative Assistant

Many additional qualified and talented professionals, such as Brad Bulen, our field superintendent, and our crew foremen Modesto Favella,  Felipe Pelacios, Eduardo Cruz, Noe Rodriguez, Jesus Samaniego, their supporting crews, along with our transportation division complete the WCS,LLC construction team. When hiring crew members for our company, we only incorporate individuals who are qualified and committed to meeting and exceeding our high standards.